Welcome to ABKO English Academy !!!!

Root cause : 

We have been learning English from our childhood. The problem is, we have never tried to speak in English.

Just think about how we have learned our native language(Marathi/Hindi).


But, while learning English we forgot the 2nd   Step.


While learning Marathi, we used to listen to our parents when we were kids. Whatever we were listening to, we tried to speak. Then after taking admission in school, we started reading books and writing exams.

But while learning English, we used to listen to our teacher in English, then we started reading books of Grammar(noun, adjective and all...), then we started writing exams but we never tried to speak in English.

So we strongly believe that speaking is the only way to improve English.

Prof. Abhinav Koyale is a name among millions who wants to do something for society with his teaching skills and knowledge. His qualification is BE, Mtech(Bits Pilani), Ph.D. (perceiving.)Our goal is to teach you English in the easiest and simplest way ever and help you learn, improve and master the English language as well as to build confidence when speaking in English. Keeping this objective in mind, Prof. Abhinav Koyale started this academy in 2008.

Today, we can proudly proclaim that we have trained more than 3,000 students in spoken English.