Saturday, 8 July 2017

Either neither


Use 1: Either referring to two choices:

          I don’t like either bag.( मला दोन्ही मधले एक पण bag नाही आवडत.)

Use 2: Either meaning ‘both’

         There were shops on either side of the street.( shops च्या दोन्ही sideला shops आहेत.)

Use 3: Either and or

      Either we go by train or we rent a car. (एकतर आपण ट्रेन ने जाऊ किन्ह्वा आपण कार rent ने घेऊ)


Use 1:Neither parent came to meet the teacher. (The mother didn’t come and the father didn’t come.)

Use 2: Neither Italy nor France got to the quarter finals last year.